Sixty-three Years Since Israel Was Born

ICEJ offers congratulations

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9 May 2011
Sixty-three Years Since Israel Was Born

Dear Friends,

The modern state of Israel has reached 63 years of age. This is nothing short of a miracle, because she is actually an ancient nation which has been restored and achieved unbelievable successes in just a short a time and in the face of many wars aimed at her demise. Israel’s existence is clear evidence of God’s faithfulness to His promises given to Abraham some 4000 years ago. So we salute Israel today and rejoice with her, but we also weep with those who have fallen in her defence. Most of all we know her future is secure because God watches over her day and night! Thus the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem congratulates the people of Israel on this, their 63rd national Day of Independence.

On this momentous occasion, we are also proud to announce the launch of an updated version of our global ministry’s website, redesigned and greatly enhanced so that together we all can be better equipped to take our stand with Israel. The new site provides closer integration with our worldwide network of branches and informs you of more ways to get involved with Israel and the ICEJ.

Shalom from Jerusalem!

Malcolm Hedding
Executive Director
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Israel at 63: Some interesting facts

  • As Israel marks its 63rd Independence Day, the population has grown to approximately 7,746,000 residents. At the time of the establishment of the State, it numbered 806,000 residents.
  • This includes approximately 5,837,000 Jewish residents (75.3%); 1,587,000 Arab residents (20.5%); and 322,000 (4.2%) other non-Jewish residents.
  • Since last Independence Day, approximately 178,000 babies were born, and 24,500 immigrants arrived in Israel. Factoring in departures and deaths, the total population of Israel has grown by about 155,000 residents, up 2.0% from last year.
  • In 1948 there was only one city in Israel with more than 100,000 residents – Tel Aviv. Today, 14 cities number more than 100,000 residents, of which six number more than 200,000 residents: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon LeZion, Ashdod, and Petah Tikva.

The Struggle Within the Dream

By David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director

As Israelis prepare to celebrate the 63rd Anniversary of the nation’s rebirth in May 1948, many will think back longingly to when the Jewish State marked fifty years of modern independence.  Those were heady days, when the Oslo process still filled many with hope that the long search for peace with their Arab neighbours was about to bear lasting fruit. In his keynote address at the official ceremonies for Israel’s 50th birthday, then-US Vice President Al Gore struck heart chords with his reference to the Patriarch Jacob who – like Israel today – had to endure the “struggle within the dream”....

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