IDF concerned Iran could unleash Hizbullah

May use Hizbullah to distract from protests

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IDF concerned Iran could unleash Hizbullah

The IDF Northern Command has issued an assessment that Tehran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)is likely to activate Hizbullah forces along Israel's northern border areas to distract attention from a growing protest movement inside the Islamic Republic.

The assessment says it is also possible Hizbullah cells in other countries could be directed to attack Israeli targets like embassies or Jewish cultural centers, as they were in Buenos Aries, Argentina in the early 90's.

"There has always been one common enemy for the Islamic world, and that is Israel," a senior Israeli defense official said. "Israel will then need to consider how to respond to the attack, and depending on its response, if the conflict develops the world will be focused on Israel and not on what is happening on the streets of Tehran."

Witnesses have already reported seeing several hundred Hizbullah militiamen joining security forces on the streets of Iran's cities, indicating that the group is cementing ties with the clerical regime in Teheran.


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