Israel vigilantly guarding against Iranian attacks

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Posted on: 
23 Jan 2012
Israel vigilantly guarding against Iranian attacks

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz reportedly discussed the “transatlantic smuggling” of military equipment from Iran to its terrorist proxies in the region with US Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey during the latter’s recent visit. Gantz expressed Israel’s desire to increase international cooperation against the phenomenon, building on earlier discussions he’d had with his European counterparts during a recent NATO summit in Brussels. “This is extremely complicated since it requires intelligence to know which boat is carrying what, as well as new maritime laws to enable navies to board and seize ships,” a senior defense official explained. Meanwhile, an Iranian official made an emotional statement at a memorial service to assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists on Friday, declaring that "the Zionist regime should be punished in a way that it can’t play such games with our country again."

For the latest intelligence report on Iran, click HERE (PDF)

Cold weekend brings heavy snowfall on Hermon
Israel experienced heavy precipitation over the weekend, including 130 centimeters of snow on  the higher peak of Mount Hermon which overloaded the ski resort, forcing it to shut down for a few hours. There was more snow in other parts of the Golan Heights and heavy rains in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as other areas. Despite the overcast weather, the Energy and Water Ministry had sun on its mind on Sunday, adding NIS 10 million for planning up to 2,000 hectares of future solar-power plants in Israel. The effort is part of a larger move in Israel to lower the Jewish State’s dependence on unreliable sources of energy such as Egyptian natural gas and take advantage of the advanced technology available in Israel.

German pastors visit Yad Vashem as Left Party supports Iran and Syria
Even as pastors from several Evangelical denominations in Germany gathered in Jerusalem to lay wreaths at Yad Vashem to mark the 70th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference last week, deputies from the Bundestag accused the Left Party of aligning itself with Iran and Syria against the Jewish State. The accusations came in response to a proposal by a group of Left Party deputies to drop sanctions against the two countries, adding in their proposal yet another denunciation of Israel and the US. The online letter declares that “the USA together with other NATO states and Israel is keeping both countries (Iran and Syria) in a state of permanent alert so as to wear them down.” The Left Party in Germany has a long history of anti-Israel activity.

Abbas urges release of Hamas legislator
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday urged Israel to release Abdel Aziz Dweik, a member of Islamist terror militia Hamas and the speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, who was detained by the IDF last Thursday. “I’m not convinced that Dweik had committed any crime,” Abbas told a Russian TV station. “Frankly, this is an arbitrary detention and it’s completely illegal.” The PA has also sent a letter to the Israeli government demanding the release of Dweik and 23 other detained Palestinian legislators, most of whom are Hamas members. The letter also demanded the release of 130 other Palestinians who were jailed before the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords in 1993, along with other prisoners, many of whom have been convicted of murdering Israeli citizens.

Israeli company Billguard saving consumers money
A recently launched Israeli startup company has already helped hundreds of credit card users save over a half million dollars. Called BillGuard, the company’s website allows card users to register on a simple database which then sends a regular report showing users if they are the victim of the scams, bad billing practices, double charges and errors that cost the average American $300 a year. "10 million US cardholders get hit by some sort of fraud every year," explained Yaron Samid, BillGuard CEO, adding that fraud is a $7 billion a year enterprise. "But banks only catch 30 percent of it themselves."

For the Billguard website, click HERE

Christians in Iran and Syria under intense persecution
Various Christian media reports have shown a sharp rise in attacks against churches and pastors in Iran and Syria over the last month. Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who has become a symbol of government brutality against Christians, is on death row and has refused to renounce his faith and convert to Islam in exchange for release. “After the ethnic cleansing of Jews in 1948 from the Arab countries, Islamic fundamentalism is now trying to push away the Christians from the region” Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio told the Jerusalem Post. “They want to establish a pure Islamic environment and the mass exodus already began under our noses. In Syria Christians will be persecuted after Assad’s eventual fall, since they were the most loyal allies of the Baathist regime. Christians will be slaughtered or squeezed. From Cairo to Damascus, Arab Christian era is near to its end everywhere.”


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